2013 WASH Project for UNICEF


In cooperation with UNICEF, OMEP Australia has established a hand washing, teeth cleaning and nose blowing educational project in isolated Aboriginal communities, in Australia, and in Poro, Papua New Guinea.

The project is part of an international collaboration by OMEP and UNICEF which have put together a booklet of engaging case studies, from early childhood settings around the world.

WASH from the START: Soap Stories and Toilet Tales from Early Childhood Settings around the World emphasises the critical importance of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) for children’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Attitudes, behaviors and habits are formed during the first years of life making it crucial to begin teaching good habits early on. This will maximise the benefits of improved sanitary and hygiene practices among young children, their parents, caregivers, and teachers.

Main themes and topics include:

  • Introducing latrine use and hand washing with soap/ash to young children, including:
    • Formal and informal learning activities in preschools, community-based childcare centers, child health care programs and home environments.
    • Child-to-child teaching and child-to-younger sibling teaching.
  • Ideas for making toilets, latrines, hand washing stands, drinking water, and soap or ash available to and suited for young children in homes, communities, preschools and child care centres. Topics include:
    • Methods of construction and adaptation of facilities for very young children.
    • Funding for making facilities child friendly.
  • WASH in the education of parents, early childhood teachers, and care providers.
  • Policies and enabling environments for WASH in early childhood settings.

Explore other exciting, colourful and challenging ways OMEP Australia has improved early childhood education and helped care for thousands of young children in need across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

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