OMEP produces a range of practical, entertaining and thought-provoking publications for early childhood educators and care professionals.

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Sowing Seeds of PeaceThis historical account preserves the memory of the pioneers who established OMEP in Europe in 1948, those who began the work in Australia by forming a sub-committee of the Australian Association of Preschool Child Development and those who have continued since its acceptance as the National Committee by the World Council in 1992.... Continue Reading
A New Challenge: Helping in Early Childhood CentresAs well as dealing with the practicalities of caring for a group of young children, this book aims to assist new workers develop skills in talking with children and guiding children’s behaviour. In 2010, this book was translated and published in Switzerland and South Korea.... Continue Reading
With Passion, Perseverance and Practicality: 100 Women who influenced Australian Children’s Services 1841- 2001This book documents the work of professional and volunteer women across Australia who had a major or lasting influence on Early Childhood Education policy or practice.... Continue Reading
An Australian Children’s Art CollectionComprising a large sample of work by young Australian children in celebration of children’s creativity is available for exhibition. ... Continue Reading
Helping Young Children Understand Their RightsStrategies are provided to help teachers and caregivers teach young children about their rights in a manner that is meaningful and intelligible to them , as well as leading them to understand the responsibilities that accompany those rights.... Continue Reading
ToleranceReviewing common concepts of tolerance, this leaflet also provides pointers to lead group discussion on the topic.... Continue Reading
Children and the Sun: Everybody’s ConcernThis is a kit of materials to be used by teachers, caregivers and management committees of kindergartens and childcare centres. Comprising leaflets and posters, it explains the risks from exposure to the UV rays in the sun; suggests ways to provide a safer outdoor environment; and gives guidelines for a centre policy on sun protection. ... Continue Reading
A Saved Environment: Our Children’s FutureThis is a guide to reducing, reusing and recycling materials in order to save money, energy and natural resources.... Continue Reading
Grandfather StoriesThe result of an OMEP Aust national collaborative research project, Grandfather profiles provide a snapshot of the Australian grandfather role at the beginning of the 21st century. Details are provided of the grandfathers’ children and grandchildren and the grandfathers’ relationship with them. ... Continue Reading
Music project for young ChildrenThis is a music package of 20 instrument posters and a CD of original educational songs and traditional nursery rhymes played by musicians from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.... Continue Reading