Who We Are

OMEP Australia is a non profit, non party-political, non sectarian, charitable organisation. It is the sole representative in Australia of Organisation Mondiale pour l’Education Prescolaire (OMEP) or the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education.

OMEP Australia is affiliated with the World Organisation, which is represented in over 70 countries and cooperates with other international organisations with similar aims such as UNICEF and UNESCO.

How is OMEP organised?

The World Council, which is the major decision making body, is comprised of the World President, Executive Committee and Presidents of National Committees. They meet once a year in a different host country for a World Assembly in conjunction with a World Conference at which presentations, papers and research reports are given.

The Executive Committee, consisting of the World President, World Treasurer and Vice Presidents representing the 5 regions of Africa, Asia Pacific, Central and South America, Europe, North America and the Caribbean, is the main administrative body. French, Spanish and English are the three official languages of OMEP.


The Mission of OMEP Australia is to enhance all areas of children’s well-being, growth and development from education, health and welfare perspectives.


The principal aim of OMEP Australia is to provide direct relief of poverty, sickness, abuse, suffering or other forms of misfortune suffered by children and to raise funds to support and advance programs that assist disadvantaged children.


  • To raise awareness and educate parents, carers and communities on high quality early childhood education and care, aimed particularly at harm prevention of children;
  • Encourage study, research and advocacy related to early childhood education and care;
  • Collect and disseminate information and facilitate understanding of the needs of early childhood and the harmful effects on children if these needs are not met; and
  • Encourage the training of parents, carers and personnel in the provision of high quality early childhood education and care to improve every child’s life chances.


Click here to download the OMEP Australia Constitution.